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What makes a video game character a badass? Games have compelling heroes and villains for years. As video games have become more complex and developed, these characters have become more real as well. Characters today are more fully-realized than ever before. Developers can now create characters and situations that are easily on par with anything you can find in action blockbuster movies. You can apply all of this to the sex games that are available to you. No matter who your favorite might be, you can find a sex game that features their presence. You can easily find a bunch of your favorites in free sex games.

A badass character simply gives off that aura. They are tough. They are complex. They can handle themselves in a variety of situations. They know the world. They know what to say, and they always know where to turn. They are often characters who go against the grain of popular society. They have convictions, and they will not back down from a challenge.

These are some of our criteria for a badass video game character. What would you consider? As you look over our roster of adult sex games and online sex games, keep this in mind.

Here is our own list of the 10 most badass video game characters ever. See if your own picks made the list:

1. Captain John “Soap” McTavish (Call of Duty): When it comes to tough guys in the Call of Duty series, there is no question that they don’t get much cooler than this dude.

2. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider): You just can’t create a list of badass video game characters without including our favorite tomb raider. Lara continues to stand the test of time. She’s one of the sexiest characters of all time, and she’s one of the most badass, too.

3. Tommy Vercetti (GTA Vice City): Sex Games Now recreates this character beautifully. As far as Tommy Vercetti is concerned, he’s definitely one of the great badasses of this franchise.

4. Mario (Super Mario): Not only is Mario one of the most popular video game characters of all time, but he’s also kind of a badass. His games might be bright on the visuals and stories, but these games still put Mario in some considerable peril. And he always comes through.

5. Iron Man (Iron Man): As one of the most popular Avengers of all time he falls in the top 10 without a doubt.

6. Ninja Turtles (Ninja Turtles): How can you pick just one? All four of the Turtles are pretty awesome, and that goes for Master Splinter and Shredder, too! You can definitely play any of them in our adult sex games.

7. Batman (Batman): Another example of a badass who appears in our online sex games. Batman continues to be a true American original.

8. X-Men (X-Men): If you want to play one of the badass X-Men characters like Wolverine and Storm, simply check out Sex Games Now.

9. Hulk (Hulk): If you like to see a human explode in emotions, it’s this dude!

10. Spider-Man (Spider-Man): Marvel dominates this list with another icon.

That wraps it up for our list of the 10 greatest badasses in video games! Make sure to read up on the 10 sexiest video game characters. Are you looking for sex games online that feature your favorite badasses?

Sex games are truly impressive now, in terms of visuals, character designs, and even challenges. As you check out the long range of sex game titles that are available at our site, consider the evolution of the badass characters in video game history. You can certainly find characters like Spider-Man and Mario in our free sex games.

To put it another way: If you want to play as some of the most badass video game characters ever, we’re the adult sex games site out there that can accommodate you nicely.

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