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Sexiest Video Game Characters you want to have sex with

As you check out our range of free sex games, think about your own list of the sexiest video game characters ever. Here is ours, and you will want to note that many of these characters can be found in various forms in our library of adult sex games:

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider): We’re pretty fond of Ms. Croft. Online sex games know that she continues to be one of the most popular video game stars in the world. She has undergone some noticeable cosmetic changes through the years, owing to better graphics and changing social attitudes. Regardless, she’s still one of the toughest, smartest, sexiest female video game characters of all time.

2. Rayne (BloodRayne): The terrible BloodRayne movies aside, Rayne remains a favorite for many gamers. You can easily find her in some of the sex games online currently available. Her red hair and devastating eyes are sure to draw you in.

3. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil): Jill dresses to kick ass, and that’s just fine with us. She’s still one of the sexiest ladies in video game history.

4. Ryu (Street Fighter): If you want to consider contenders from the male side of things, you have to keep in mind the stoic, determined, ripped Ryu.

5. Dead or Alive Girls (Dead or Alive): Okay, we’re cheating here, but when it comes to characters and character designs who have a ton of influence on the sexgames you can find, you have to give it up to the Dead or Alive girls. They kick butt, and every single one of them looks amazing in a bikini.

6. Nathan Drake (Uncharted): Taking a cue or two from Indiana Jones, there is no question that Nathan is a rough and tumble hero who could easily star in a few thousand mobile sex games.

7. Princess Peach (Super Mario): Don’t laugh, but Peach has grown up a lot from her humble pixelated beginnings. There is something down-to-earth and sweet about her that just warms our hearts. She’s pretty sexy, too!

8. Candy Suxx (GTA Vice City): Despite not being a main character, Candy is still pretty memorable!

9. Chun Li (Street Fighter): Still the toughest and sexiest brawler of all time.

10. Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid): The master of espionage is sexy as hell, no matter how old he is.

Sex games featuring your favorite classic and new-school video game characters is a pretty big deal these days. While you can easily find online sex games that feature original characters and stories, you can also enjoy sex games online that feature parodies and recreations of your favorite titles and characters. There is no question that the sex appeal of video game characters has evolved considerably through the years. Starting from perhaps Ms. Pacman, video game characters grew to develop more distinct, realistic looks. Look are our 10 best game characters. They developed personalities. They developed personas that went beyond pixels. And then you have the evolution of specific sexy video game characters. Take a look at how much Lara Croft has changed through the years. The sexgames (which includes mobile sex games) you can find here are going to brilliantly recreate the types of games you can play now. That means enjoying intense, adult experiences with characters who look as good as the ones you see on PlayStation 4 games or Xbox One games.

The video game characters of today are exceptionally well realized and realistic. This is even true of the designs that are exaggerated or cartoonish. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and we think that can be nicely realized with a look into some of the sexiest video game characters of all time. As you look over our roster of sex games, imagine your favorite sexy video game character. Chances are, you can find a sex game that features their likeness. If you’re interested in free sex games that allows you to play as your favorite characters from games like Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty, you can find titles to compel your interest on Sex Games Now.

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